SPECIAL REPORT: Strict compliance with speed limits: better fuel mileage

| 6/24/2003

A common report making a strong statement for running the speed limit is better fuel mileage.

"Yeah, speed takes power and that kills fuel mileage, so keeping your foot off the throttle has created a side payoff for running compliant," says Ray Kasicki, owner-operator and OOIDA board member from Cleveland, OH.

"I just came back from California and ran strictly compliant to the speed limit. It was the perfect scenario and so I kept track of my mileage," says Kasicki. "Coming across Nevada and all those 75 mph and I was getting 5 mph. When I hit Iowa, it was 65 and mpg went up to 5.5. I hit Illinois where it's 55 and then Indiana where it's 60, and then to Ohio where it's 55 and mpg was 6.75. So I was amazed at the difference."

Another OOIDA member says his fuel mileage went from 7.5 to 8.1. Another says last month's average was 6.2 mpg on around 11,000 miles, and this month it's averaging 7.2.

The discussion on the OOIDA Members Only Forum has addressed the mileage gains. One member reports improving his fuel mileage by running slower. He says a driver actually asked him "are you really gonna drive 50 mph through this construction?" The speed was posted only every other mile. The trucker said "yep" and said you never heard such a "cussin'" in your life.

Another Forum participant says "I must say, I started running 100 percent compliant in June and wish I would have done it a lot sooner…Prior to the onset of June 1 I was getting around 6 miles a gallon. Now I have greatly increased my miles per gallon to 7.5!" He says although he may be losing one load per week by being compliant, he's gaining those dollars by fueling less.