SPECIAL REPORT: Kentucky’s Gov. Patton proclaims support for truckers

| 6/6/2003

On June 3, Kentucky’s Gov. Paul E. Patton and Secretary of State John Brown III signed a proclamation declaring June 2003 as National Truck Safety Month.

Kentucky joins five other states in recognizing OOIDA’s June Safety Month. In the past week, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, Louisiana and Michigan have announced resolutions.

The resolution was created at the recommendation of longtime OOIDA members Paula and Woody Chambers, Eddyville, KY. Woody Chambers has served on the board of directors since 1992. At this year’s spring board meeting, he was elected to the position of general vice president.

Gov. Patton’s proclamation declares:

“Whereas, over two million long-haul trucks and 138 million automobiles share the highways each day; and

“Whereas, the loss of more than five thousand lives each year in accidents involving large trucks raises important safety issues; and

“Whereas, truckdrivers, who experience more workplace fatalities than any other single occupation, are acutely aware of their responsibility to contribute to highway safety; and

“Whereas, long-haul truckers serve vital business just-in-time delivery schedules at great personal sacrifice, including driving at all times of the day and under adverse weather, road and delivery conditions, and

“Whereas, the United States economy depends upon the nation’s long-haul truckers, who deliver 71 percent of the dollar value of freight hauled in the United States; and

“Whereas, truck safety has become the highest priority of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and the federal government invests nearly $200,000,000 in truck safety enforcement activities each year; and

“Whereas, truckdrivers across the nation have committed themselves to making June a model month for compliance with the truck safety rules;

“Now, therefore, I, Paul E. Patton, Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, do hereby proclaim June 2003 as Truck Safety Month in Kentucky.