SPECIAL REPORT: Louisiana recognizes June as Truck Safety Month

| 6/5/2003

The Louisiana State House of Representatives has recognized OOIDA's June Safety Month effort, adopting a resolution that designates June 2003 as National Truck Safety Month. The enrolled resolution, designated House Concurrent Resolution 204, was submitted by Rep. Hunt Downer, R-52nd District.

An enrolled resolution is one passed by both houses of the Legislature. After it is signed by the president of the Senate and the speaker of the House, this resolution will be considered confirmed and goes to Gov. Murphy J. “Mike” Foster.

Louisiana joins four other states in recognizing OOIDA’s June Safety Month. In the past week, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas and Michigan have announced resolutions.

The resolution was created at the recommendation of OOIDA’s Harold Landry, a resident of Gray, LA. Landry has been a member of OOIDA since 1980. He is a life member and currently serves on the OOIDA board of directors

Rep. Downer was elected to the Louisiana House of Representatives in 1975. He represents the parishes of Lafourche and Terrebonne in the 52nd District. The measure reads:

“To recognize June 2003 as National Truck Safety Month to raise public awareness about contributions, responsibilities and needs of truckdrivers to make the highways safer.

“Whereas, over two million long-haul trucks and one hundred thirty eight million automobiles share the highways each day; and

“Whereas, the loss of more than five thousand lives each year in accidents involving large trucks rises important safety issues; and

“Whereas, truckdrivers, who experience more workplace fatalities than any other occupation, are acutely aware of their responsibility to contribute to highway safety; and

“Whereas, the national economy depends upon long-haul truckers, who delivers seventy-one percent of the dollar value of freight hauled in the United States; and

“Whereas, truck safety has become the high priority of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and the federal government invests nearly two hundred million dollars in truck safety enforcement activities each year; and

“Whereas, truckdrivers across the nation have committed themselves to making June a model month for compliance with the truck safety rules; and

“Whereas, Louisiana has a large number of long-haul trucks pass through the state, many of which deliver freight to its many ports.

“Therefore, be it resolved that the Legislature of Louisiana does hereby recognize June 2003 as national Truck Safety Month for the purpose of raising public awareness about the contributions, responsibilities and needs of truckdrivers to make the highways safer.

“Be it further resolved that the Legislature of Louisiana commends all truckers for their extra efforts to comply with truck safety regulations and calls on all highway users, shippers, receivers, motor carriers and federal and state regulatory and law-enforcement officials to support the efforts of truckdrivers to make the Highways a safer place to travel and work.”