SPECIAL REPORT: If you spot terrorist activity - here’s the number to call

| 3/20/2003

Because of war with Iraq, terrorists may decide to conduct attacks against targets of opportunity within the United States.

In the interest of maintaining comprehensive awareness of the transportation system, federal agencies, including the Transportation Safety Administration, request that citizens notify federal authorities in case of potential threats or significant security incidents involving maritime and surface transportation.

Examples of potential threats include, but are not limited to, bomb threats, suspicious activities and suspected sabotage. Examples of significant security incidents include, but are not limited to, sabotage, violent attacks on or destruction of property and people, and hijackings.

The FBI encourages the public to report any suspected violations of U.S. federal law. You can do so by calling your local FBI office.

Or you may call the National Infrastructure Protection Center's toll free number, 1-888-585-9078.  NIPC has a general tips hotline that connects directly to the FBI at (202) 323-3104.