SPECIAL REPORT: ATTN truckstops - The FBI wants this tree-hugging guy

| 2/28/2003

The FBI is requesting all truckers and truckstops to look for fugitive Michael J. Scarpitti, also know as "Tre Arrow," who is wanted for his alleged involvement setting a fire at a sand and gravel company in Portland, OR, April 15, 2001.

According to FBI Director Robert Mueller, Scarpitti is also wanted "for his alleged involvement in an arson, which occurred at a logging company in Eagle Creek, OR, on June 1, 2001." The remains of four incendiary devices were found at the scene along with four unexploded devices.

Law-enforcement officials say Scarpitti is known to hitchhike at truckstops.

 "Scarpitti is a longtime environmentalist activist with an extensive history in involvement in anti-logging tree sites and other related protests."

According to the FBI, Scarpitti is known to be affiliated with the Earth Liberation Front, whose goal is to stop the destruction of the natural environment. Law enforcement authorities consider the E.L.F. to be a domestic terrorism group.