SPECIAL REPORT: Transportation-related initiatives on November ballots

| 10/27/2004

On Election Day, voters in several states will have their say on various transportation-related initiatives. Check the state-by-state breakdown of initiatives listed below to see if one of the items is on your ballot.

Alabama Amendment 8 (Statewide)
Authorizes the Legislature to levy an excise tax in lieu of ad valorem taxes on designated motor vehicles.

Arizona Proposition 400 (Maricopa County)
Continues the existing one-half of 1-cent sales tax dedicated to transportation to help fund a $15.8 billion comprehensive transportation plan for the Maricopa County region.

California Proposition AA (Bay Area)
Alameda, Contra Costa and San Francisco counties will vote on a $980 million bond issue to fund seismic safety improvements for the Bay Area Rapid Transit System.

Measure J (Contra Costa County)
Renews one-half of 1-cent countywide sales tax that is set to expire in 2009. This measure would raise $1.6 billion in transportation funding through 2029.

Measure A (Marin County)
Increase the county sales tax by one-half of 1 cent for a 20-year period. The measure would raise an estimated $275 million exclusively for transportation-related projects.

Measure A (Sacramento County)
Renews a one-half of 1-cent sales tax that is set to expire in 2009 for an additional 30 years. The sales tax extension would raise $5.23 billion over the 30-year period.

Measure I (San Bernardino County)
Would extend the one-half of 1-cent sales tax for transportation improvements countywide from 2010 to 2040. This measure would raise $6 billion over 30 years for transportation-related projects.

Measure A (San Mateo County)
Continue the existing one-half of 1-cent sales tax for an additional 25 years up to December 2034. The proceeds of the tax shall be used for highway and transit improvements as set forth in the Transportation Expenditure Plan.

Proposition A (San Diego County)
Would extend a one-half of 1-cent countywide sales tax for 40 years through 2048. This proposition would generate an estimated $14 billion for transportation-related projects over the 40-year period.

Measure J (Santa Cruz County)
Impose a 30-year, one-half of 1-cent sales tax increase countywide. Two-thirds of the $577 million raised would be dedicated to the expansion of highways.

Measure A (Solano County)
Would increase the sales tax for the county by one-half of 1 cent over the next 30 years. This measure would raise over $1.4 billion to pay for transportation projects during this time.

Measure M (Sonoma County)
Increase the county sales tax to 7.75 percent for 20 years and raise $470 million for transportation projects.

Measure B (Ventura County)
Implement a one-half of 1-cent sales tax increase throughout Ventura County, which would remain in effect for 30 years. The $1.5 billion would be spent on highway and transit improvements.

Colorado Referendum 4A (Seven-County Denver Metropolitan Area)
Increase the sales tax by one-half of 1 cent to fund light rail from Denver to other Colorado cities. The referendum would raise $4.7 billion for the rapid-transit program.

Question 1A (El Paso County)
Increase the sales tax by 1 cent with 55 percent of the revenue allocated to road construction, 35 percent to maintenance and 10 percent to transit.

Eagle County
The Roaring Forks Transit Authority (RFTA) will ask voters in Basalt, Carbondale, Glenwood Springs and the Roaring Fork Valley portion of Eagle County to approve a 0.2 percent sales tax increase. Voters in Pitkin County will be asked to dedicate another 0.165 of its existing transportation tax to RFTA.

Garfield County
Whether Garfield County will become a member of the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority

Florida Amendment 6 (Statewide)
Would repeal the amendment passed in 2002 that would develop and operate a statewide high-speed ground transportation system.

Question 1 (Miami Beach)
A non-binding measure where Miami Beach voters specify if they want the light-rail trolley system BayLink to connect South Beach with downtown Miami.

Kentucky Lexington
Proposed property-tax increase of 6 cents per $100 of property valuation to fund the LexTran transit system. The estimated $10.9 million in additional revenue is needed to restore cuts in the transit system.

Michigan Kalamazoo Transit Authority Proposal (Kalamazoo)
Levies as new, additional millage, of one dollar per thousand dollars of the taxable value of all taxable property in the City of Kalamazoo for a period of three years, beginning with 2005. This proposal would provide for public transportation services and raise $1.5 million for the Transit Authority.

Missouri Amendment 3 (Statewide)
Requires all revenues from motor vehicle fuel tax to be used only for highways, road and bridges. Also requires vehicle taxes and fees paid by highway users to be used only for constructing and maintaining the state highway system.

North Carolina Amendment 1 (Statewide)
Decides the matter of self-financing bonds that would allow local governments to borrow money to pay for public improvement projects such as streets.

Oregon Measure 9-27 (Bend)
Assess a new property tax of 29 cents per $1,000 of assessed value with the revenue dedicated to establishing an independent transit district.

Rhode Island Question 3 (Statewide)
Authorizes the issuance of $66.5 million in general obligation bonds to match federal funds for transportation projects.

South Carolina Question 1 (Charleston County)
Impose a countywide sales and use tax in the amount of one-half of 1 percent for not more than 25 years. This measure would raise an estimated $1.3 billion with highways, roads and bridges receiving $1.1 billion and greenbelts receiving $220 million.

Texas Austin
Build a commuter rail starter line from Leander to downtown Austin on existing tracks without raising taxes.

Virginia Arlington County
Proposal to issue $18 million in bonds to fund the construction and rehabilitation of transit facilities.

Fairfax County
Proposal to issue $165 million in bonds for transportation construction and improvements.

Washington Clark County
Raise the transit sales tax by three-tenths of 1 percent to fund the county bus system.

Initiative 83 (Seattle)
Would stop the construction of the 14-mile monorail initiative passed by voters in 2002 but leave in place the 1.4 percent car tax increase that was to fund the project.

Measures 1 and 2 (Metropolitan King County)
Two transportation-related advisory measures are on the ballot. The first question asks voters if they should develop a locally funded plan for transportation improvements. The second measure then asks voters to choose among five funding options:

  • A general sales tax;
  • An excise tax on the value of motor vehicles;
  • A flat tax on motor vehicles;
  • An increase in the local gas tax;
  • A tax on total annual vehicle miles traveled.

West Virginia Parkersburg
Increase of existing bus levy to add an estimated $300,000 per year to the Mid-Ohio Valley Transit Authority for five years.

Source: American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials