SPECIAL REPORT: Another trucker confirmed dead in Iraq, three still missing

| 4/29/2004

Halliburton and its subsidiary Kellogg, Brown and Root confirmed the death of Tony Johnson, 47, of Riverside, CA, one of its employees involved in the April 9 convoy ambush in Iraq.

In a statement released April 27, Halliburton said, “We grieve for his family’s loss and the pain we all feel because of his unfinished life. To his family and friends, Halliburton extends our heartfelt sympathy.”

Last week, four other truckers killed in the same convoy attack were named. They are Steven Hulet of Manistee, MI; Jack Montague of Pittsburg, IL; Jeffrey Parker of Lake Charles, LA; and Steven Scott Fisher of Virginia Beach, VA.

At press time, Halliburton had no additional details on the other three missing employees, including Thomas Hamill of Macon, MS, whose kidnapping was shown in a video last week, and Timothy Bell of Mobile, AL.

Earlier this month, The Associated Press reported that Rev. Jesse Jackson would intervene to seek Hamill’s release by appealing to Iraqi religious leaders and Hamill’s captors. Jackson, according to The AP, helped secure the release of American hostages during the first Gulf War in 1990 and Kosovo in 1999.

Although Halliburton has not referred to its missing or dead employees as truckers, several news reports have identified them as truckers.

With more than 700 trucks on Kuwaiti and Iraqi roads, Kellogg, Brown and Root estimates its drivers log about 3.3 million miles per month. The company and its subcontractors have lost about 34 personnel while performing services in Kuwait and Iraq.

--by René Tankersley, staff writer

René Tankersley can be reached at rene_tankersley@landlinemag.com.