Kenworth's NavPlus System: What? No kitchen sink?

| 2/15/2012

Kenworth’s NavPlus system is spoiling KW operators with a driver’s-side 7-inch high-resolution color screen display that is loaded.

It offers everything from truck-specific navigation to hands-free telephone conversations – along with audio controls (including satellite-enabled radio, AM/FM, CD, MP3 and USB), and camera inputs for up to four optional video cameras for monitoring the truck and trailer.

Six virtual gauges provide current information on truck operation. Oil temperature, transmission temperature, manifold boost, current and average fuel economy, diesel particulate filter (DPF) status and percentage of torque come preloaded.

In addition, an on-screen preprogrammed button automatically dials the Kenworth PremierCare Customer Center, which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for roadside assistance.
At the core of the Kenworth NavPlus is an on-board navigation system that provides drivers with true truck-optimized routes from Garmin, customized to truck and load specifications. The system also allows truck and load information to be entered, which allows drivers to steer clear of restricted roads and streets. Audible prompts keep drivers’ eyes on the road, instead of on the screen.