South Carolina DMV worker pleads guilty in CDL fraud scheme

By Charlie Morasch, Land Line staff writer | 2/13/2012

A state DMV worker in South Carolina has pleaded guilty to her role in a scheme that resulted in more than 30 CDLs being issued fraudulently to individuals who didn’t demonstrate driving credentials.

Brenda Kay Poston, a former South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles customer service representative, pled guilty to a five-count indictment Feb. 2 in Federal Court in Columbia, SC. The charges were related to her making false statements during an investigation into CDLs being issued to unqualified applicants.

Court documents say Poston would input waivers into the state’s computer system instead of requiring the drivers to take either the written or driving portion of the exam.

The waivers are used typically for licenses that are transferred from other states for drivers that have undergone driving exams in those states.

The South Carolina DMV revoked those drivers’ credentials and offered re-examinations for all drivers who obtained fraudulent CDLs.

Poston was fired and went on the lam for several months after being indicted. U.S. Marshals later brought her back to South Carolina for arraignment.

According to court documents, creating fraudulent CDLs became so second nature for Poston that she obtained them for people who didn’t even drive commercial vehicles.

According to the criminal indictment filed against Poston, one witness against her lived with Poston for 18 months. During that time, “RG” told Poston his driver’s license was falling apart, court documents say. “Poston took the license and said not to worry about it,” the indictment reads. “Poston gave him a license within a couple of days. … He later realized it was a CDL.”

Another male driver who knew Poston through RG said Poston dropped off a CDL for him, even though he’d never asked for one.

“He said he never asked for a CDL nor did he give anything to Poston for the CDL,” the indictment reads. “He didn’t know why Poston would give him a CDL.”

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