Alaska's 'bridge to nowhere' comes to an end

| 9/28/2007

Plans for a controversial bridge for an island of 50 people in Alaska have finally been dropped.

Dubbed “the bridge to nowhere,” the project would have spent nearly $400 million dollars to build a bridge from one island to another. Both islands make up the town of Ketchikan, home to just 50 people.

The bridge gained national notoriety when it was announced that most of the money would come from federal funding. The project became a symbol of federal pork barrel spending.

The Associated Press reports that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said last week that the project was $329 million dollars short of full funding and was thus being scrapped.

Ketchikan Mayor Joe Williams said the town would look for another way to allow its residents better access to the other island.

The $13 million gravel road – referred to as the road to nowhere – that was to connect to the bridge will, however, be completed.