Transportation Secretary LaHood's son, 42 others face charges in Egypt

By Land Line staff | 2/6/2012

The son of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is preparing to face trial in Egypt as that government prepares to prosecute dozens of foreigners who worked for organizations that weren’t registered with Egypt.

Sam LaHood, Ray LaHood’s son and a native of Peoria, IL – is one of 19 Americans among a total of 43 foreign employees facing charges related to foreign funding of non-governmental organizations. All 43 have been banned from leaving Egypt, and they reportedly face a sentence of between three and seven years in prison.

The Chicago Tribune reported that Sam LaHood was hired 18 months ago to lead the Egypt office of the International Republican Institute, but LaHood has since been caught up in an international “tug-of-war between the U.S. and the military regime running Egypt.”

Sam LaHood, the most famous name among the 43, the Tribune reported, has been described by work associates as being “laidback and unassuming.” He reportedly visited Cairo while in college, and later earned a master’s degree at American University of Beirut.

Bloomberg News reported Monday that Egyptian generals are in Washington to discuss several issues with the Obama administration, which is preparing to decide whether to continue $2 billion in annual U.S. aid to Egypt.

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