CARB says diesel hotline being flooded

By Charlie Morasch, Land Line staff writer | 2/1/2012

A hotline truck owners can call to learn about compliance with California emissions regulations is experiencing high call volumes.

CARB is asking callers to wait a day and call back if they can’t get through to the agency’s 1-866-6DIESEL hotline.

CARB Spokeswoman Karen Caesar said the deluge in calls has been attributed to the recent extension of CARB’s Truck and Bus Rule registry.

The Truck and Bus Rule registry is a database used by the California Air Resources Board to keep track of the hundreds of thousands of commercial vehicles that operate in California annually. The Truck and Bus Rule, also known as the “Retrofit Rule,” will require trucking fleets to either install diesel particulate filters or upgrade their trucks.

If truck owners who operate in California and have a fleet of three or fewer trucks report by March 30, they have more flexibility and time to comply with the Truck and Bus Rule. CARB suggests reporting all trucks that have 1996 to 1999 model year engines.

In late January, CARB announced it was extending the registry deadline from the previous Jan. 31 date to March 30.

Signing up ahead of schedule could allow truck owners to delay certain requirements of the rule, saving a business thousands of dollars or more given the right combination of retrofit or engine upgrade

Before truck owners submit their information, however, they should know the possible consequences should their truck’s engines be older than the model year of the truck itself.

OOIDA Director of Regulatory Affairs Joe Rajkovacz recently urged caution for truck owners as they consider repowering their truck with a different engine.

“Replacing the original engine with an older model year engine can be a violation of the Clean Air Act, thus exposing the truck owner to huge fines,” Rajkovacz said.

For more information, truck owners can call 1-866-6DIESEL or visit the CARB Truck Stop website.

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