Drug testing operator admits lying over truck driver's tests

By Charlie Morasch, Land Line staff writer | 1/30/2012

A drug testing company operator has admitted to lying about whether commercial truck drivers working for client motor carriers had passed drug tests. 

Mounir Khouri also admitted lying about whether the lab work had been approved by a Medical Review Officer.

In mid-January, Khouri pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Vermont to making a false statement regarding U.S. DOT-mandated drug testing for commercial truck drivers.

Khouri’s Winooski, VT-based Mobile Testing Services claimed it provided employers of commercial truck drivers with random drug testing services in 2008 and 2009, court documents show.

In reality, Khouri used his company’s own address, and violated DOT-regulated chain of custody requirements by receiving drug testing reports directly from laboratories, court documents say.

When drug test specimens came back from a lab with results that showed positive for drugs, court records say Khouri pretended he was a medical review officer, or MRO. He later billed customers for an MRO’s services.

After Khouri stopped paying a drug testing laboratory, the lab stopped testing specimens he sent. Khouri prepared false control and custody forms and lied on the forms, “misrepresenting that such specimens had tested negative,” a federal prosecutor’s indictment reads.

“After Mr. Khouri’s contracted drug testing lab stopped testing due to nonpayment from Mr. Khouri, he prepared false control and custody forms for untested specimens, misrepresenting that the specimens had tested negative and billing his clients for services not provided,” a press release from the DOT Office of Inspector General stated.

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