Developer announces plan for 60-acre ‘truck hub’ near Williston, ND

| 1/20/2012

While many states are struggling with high unemployment rates and budget deficits, business is booming in North Dakota.

Oil companies are flocking to North Dakota, creating an influx of trucks needed to haul drilling equipment, as well as oil, sand and water.

Truckers have been struggling to find safe truck parking in areas like Williston, ND, where a large number of oil rigs are located. Williston city officials; the Williams County Commission; and Granite Peak Development LLC, a private developer based in Casper and Cheyenne, WY, have developed a plan which could ease the truck parking shortage there.

Recently, Granite Peak announced their plan to build a “major integrated truck hub” about four miles from Williston, located near U.S. Highways 2 and 85. This truck hub will include a Love’s Travel Stop, a truck park with shorepower, a truck wash facility, and a water truck depot needed for fracking.

According to the release, the Love’s Travel Stop will add approximately 100 truck spaces, with an additional 400 shorepower spaces adjacent to the truck stop that will have electricity, wireless internet and cable TV provided by Shorepower Technologies.

The truck hub will be located on about 60 acres of the Bakken Industrial Park, which is a 650-acre commercial and industrial development, where roads, city water and sewer lines are currently under construction.