Truckers targeted by two robbers in red Caddy, one suspect arrested

By Land Line staff | 1/19/2012

Police in Alabama say two armed robbers targeted truck drivers during three separate incidents on Wednesday, Jan. 18.

Three truckers were robbed at gunpoint early Wednesday by two men in a red Cadillac. One of the men reportedly had a shotgun.

Late Thursday, Chickasaw Police Lt. Brand Penton told Reed Black of “Land Line Now” that the man with the shotgun was arrested by Mobile, AL, police earlier in the day.

Penton said the suspect left a perfect set of fingerprints on the hood of a car as the man was fleeing from a trucker who had wrestled his shotgun away from the suspect.

“Subsequently, he put a good ole southern butt-whipping on him with his own shotgun,” Penton told “Land Line Now.”

Police said the trucker had tried to shoot the suspect but the shotgun jammed. The trucker then used the gun to beat the man.

According to Fox 10-TV in Mobile, four recent robberies have targeted truck drivers in the Chickasaw and Mobile areas.

Two of the robberies occurred in Mobile – at a Checkers fast food restaurant and also at a Walmart.

In Chickashaw, police told WALA-TV a Cadillac pulled next to the truck and a man with a shotgun demanded the driver’s wallet.

When the wallet wasn’t immediately handed over, the other man reportedly yelled, “Shoot him!”

Fortunately, the trucker wasn’t shot.

Land Line Now Reporter Reed Black contributed to this article.