Diesel average at $3.854 for the week, up 2.6 cents

By Land Line staff | 1/17/2012

The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported the average price for on-highway diesel at $3.854 per gallon, an increase of 2.6 cents during the week ending Monday, Jan. 16. The EIA reported the numbers on Tuesday following the observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

The diesel average in the New England region increased nearly 5 cents for the week, while the Rocky Mountain region decreased 2 cents.

Following is a breakdown of average prices by region as reported by the EIA:
U.S. – $3.854, up 2.6 cents
East Coast – $3.943, up 3.5 cents
New England – $4.076, up 4.7 cents
Central Atlantic – $4.031, up 3.5 cents
Lower Atlantic – $3.853, up 3.3 cents
Midwest – $3.746, up 2.9 cents
Gulf Coast – $3.777, up 2.7 cents
Rocky Mountain – $3.823, down 2 cents
West Coast – $4.037, up 1.1 cents
California – $4.116, up half-a-cent

ProMiles reported no changes to the daily average of $3.848 on Tuesday. Price fluctuations by state amounted to less than half-a-cent.

Connecticut topped the ProMiles list with the highest average for diesel Tuesday at $4.196 per gallon including state and federal taxes. Without taxes applied, New Hampshire had the highest price at $3.863. Including taxes, Missouri had the lowest average by state at $3.623 per gallon.

Light sweet crude oil was trading at $100.63 per barrel Tuesday in New York. That’s up $1.93 from the opening bell. Reuters attributed the price increase to a possible embargo of Iranian oil by certain countries.

European Union countries have scheduled a meeting for next week to determine whether they will be part of the embargo at the urging of the U.S.

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