Poll: Washington state voters rejecting tax hike

| 10/30/2002

Referendum 51, the statewide package of transportation taxes and projects, is not proving popular with voters, a new poll indicates. The referendum would see truckers' costs soar.

The poll, conducted by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Seattle television station KOMO, found that 36 percent of voters would support the tax increase but 52 percent are opposed and 12 percent are undecided.

R-51 is failing largely because of continuing voter distrust over how government spends its tax dollars, according to the poll.

R-51 would hike the fuel tax by 9 cents per gallon, boost trucking fees by 30 percent and put an additional 1 percent tax on vehicle sales to raise $7.8 billion for transportation projects over the next decade. Voters will cast their ballots on the tax hike Nov. 5.