Trucker shot in failed hijacking

| 10/28/2002

A truckdriver was shot after two men stormed his truck shortly after midnight Oct. 22 at a San Antonio truckstop. He was hauling 26 pallets of Columbian cigarettes.

Trucker Angel Gutierrez, of Miami, and passenger Jose Machuat, of Hialeah, FL, stopped to get fuel about 12:15 a.m. at the Flying J Truck Stop at I-75 and State Road 52. They allegedly were followed by at least three people, who drove behind them from South Florida to Texas in a rented van.

Gutierrez and Machuat were filling the truck's tank when they were confronted by two armed men. The pair was forced at gunpoint into the truck' s sleeper.

Gutierrez reportedly was shot in the right thigh as he jumped out the side door. He ran to safety inside the truckstop.

The hijackers drove the truck south on I-75 and were followed by the van. Police alerted to the truck began chase of the Peterbilt truck and the van.

With police in pursuit, both vehicles veered off the road north of State Road 54, where the hijackers and van driver ran into nearby woods.

The two hijackers were apprehended later in the day. The van's driver is still at large.

Gutierrez's injuries reportedly were not life-threatening. Machuat was unharmed.

According to a published report, the hijackers are charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, car jacking, grand theft over $100,000, and felony fleeing to elude law enforcement.