FBI warns of terrorist attack against transportation system

| 10/24/2002

The FBI issued a warning to state and local law enforcement nationwide Oct. 24 about a possible attack soon against transportation systems, particularly railroads, AP reported.

Officials said the warning, based on information obtained from al-Qaida prisoners, suggested that terrorists may try to take out bridges, key sections of tracks or train engines in an effort to cause derailments and widespread damage.

Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge was contacting key state and local officials to urge their help and vigilance in warding off any such attack.

Separately, U.S. intelligence has learned that al-Qaida supporters may be planning strikes on ships in the Persian Gulf and nearby seas, said one official, speaking on the condition of anonymity.The threats are to both military vessels and commerical shipping, the official said. Terrorists believed linked to al-Qaida attacked an oil tanker off the coast of Yemen earlier this month.