NC approves toll road legislation

| 10/17/2002

Lawmakers and the governor have approved legislation to create a toll road and bridge authority. Signed by the governor Oct. 3, HB644 establishes the North Carolina Turnpike Authority (NCTA) and specifies its responsibilities and limitations.

In addition to giving the NCTA's board the authority to study, plan, develop, design, establish, purchase, construct, operate and maintain three turnpike projects, the new law prohibits the board from converting any part of the non-tolled highway system to a toll facility. Additionally, the law requires the North Carolina Department of Transportation to maintain an existing, alternate, comparable non-toll route corresponding to each turnpike project constructed by the NCTA.

The legislature also has indefinitely postponed HB1735, which would have abolished the Department of Motor Vehicle's enforcement section and transferred its functions to the State Highway Patrol.

For bill status, call (919) 733-7779, or visit The session ends Dec. 7.