German truck-toll moves forward

| 10/14/2002

A plan to implement a $7.7 billion automatic truck toll in Germany is moving ahead. The tracking system is expected to be up and running next year.

Germany's Federal Cartel Office recently gave final approval for the plan, which uses global positioning satellite-equipped on-board units to measure truck movements along roads.

The Toll Collection system, mandated for commercial vehicles weighing more than 12 tons, is expected to generate about $3.4 billion ($1.7US billion) per year. The revenue will be used for improvements to the German transportation system.

Once a Toll Collect-truck hits a toll road, the onboard unit uses the truck' s data and the distance traveled to calculate the tolls. A wireless communications link transmits the distances traveled by vehicles to the Toll Collect Center. The center then arranges payment of the toll with the shipping company.