Seeing double: OOIDA member has distinctive rig

By Reed Black, Land Line Now staff reporter | 1/16/2012

The staff and visitors at OOIDA headquarters did a big double-take last week when we looked out the windows into the parking lot.

The Association’s tour rig – The Spirit of the American Trucker – with its distinctive stars, stripes and eagle was parked where it always is. But nearby, a virtual look-alike had pulled into the lot. It was a curtain side flatbed with a nearly identical design, except for a big green moose on the back.

PHOTO BY: Nikohle Ellis

Shalom Jacobs and his “tribute” trailer

As it turned out, it was the truck and trailer of OOIDA member Shalom Jacobs of Minneapolis. When asked what prompted him to copy the design of the Spirit truck, he said it was an “eye-catcher” design that “got a lot of attention.” It also sends a strong message that truckers should be members of OOIDA, something Jacobs strongly believes.

He also has another reason. He intends to someday have a fleet and he is clearly sending the message that an OOIDA member is the kind of driver he wants to hire.

“It makes sense,” he says. “OOIDA members take care of their equipment, they care about the industry, and they are the kind of professionals you want to do business with.”

So, if you’re out on the road and see what looks like the OOIDA tour truck, how do you tell if it really is the OOIDA truck or not? It’s simple. The Spirit truck is a dry van and has OOIDA in big letters on the back. Shalom Jacobs’ truck is a curtain side flatbed with a big green moose on the back.

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