Animal rights group claims it burned cattle trucks

| 1/11/2012

Animal rights activists are claiming responsibility for arson fires that destroyed more than a dozen cattle trucks at a California ranch early Sunday morning. The Fresno Bee reports 14 tractors were destroyed and a number of trailers damaged at the Harris Farms ranch off Interstate 5 southwest of Fresno.

An animal rights group called North American Animal Liberation says it got an anonymous email from the professed arsonists. The email said they used digital timers to ignite containers of accelerant that were placed beneath each tractor and used a rope soaked in kerosene to carry the flames down the row of trucks.

The statement said the attack was aimed at “the horrors of factory farming.”

Harris Farms, which is one of the nation’s biggest family-owned agribusinesses in the country, denounced the attack as “appalling and senseless.”