Many Ohio ballots cover transportation issues

| 11/7/2011

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, voters throughout Ohio can cast ballots on various issues of local relevance. In more than 70 communities covering at least 40 counties, voters will decide on transportation issues.

Voters in three Ohio cities will decide the fate of ticket cameras in their communities.

Speed and red-light cameras are under the gun in the city of Ashtabula. A question on the local ballot will ask whether police officers should be required to be present to issue tickets.

Law enforcement in the northeast Ohio town has cameras posted at four intersections. One mobile unit also is in operation.

East Cleveland voters will decide whether they want 10 red-light and speed cameras in their community to stick around.

The town’s mayor has threatened cuts to police and fire department staff if voters opt to get rid of the $1-million-a-year revenue generator.

In nearby South Euclid, the city uses one mobile speed camera in neighborhoods where residents complain of speeders. Voters will decide whether the program should be continued.

No ticket cameras are located  in the Village of Mantua, but there are large trucks. Voters in the village of 1,141 people located northeast of Akron will decide whether to approve an ordinance that would prohibit through truck traffic from traveling on residential streets. If approved, through truck traffic would be defined as any truck using residential streets without stopping to conduct business.

A city spokesperson clarified that truckers living in the community located about three miles from the Ohio Turnpike would be exempt from any restriction.

Cincinnati voters will decide the fate of a proposed streetcar system. The ballot will include a question on whether to amend the city’s charter to prohibit City Hall from building a streetcar system through 2020.

As planned, the $100 million streetcar line would link downtown Cincinnati to the Over-the-Rhine historic district.

Elsewhere, the majority of communities with transportation questions on their ballots will decide whether to renew road levies.

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