Scam pretends truckers owe NY State Police

| 11/4/2011

The story may not be as entertaining as discovering a pen pal from Nigeria or a generous business opportunity out of China, but an email scam aimed at truckers continues to make the rounds.

An email scam attempting to get computer users to open a bad attachment has targeted truckers since this summer.

The email, claiming to be from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, says it has a “uniform traffic ticket” attached from New York State Police. The email has an offense date and time, and tells the reader to print out the enclosed ticket and plead by mailing to a U.S. post office box in Chatham, NY.

Two OOIDA members were targeted by the scam last week. In August, Land Line reported on a similar scam attempted on another OOIDA member. Then, Chatham released a statement saying that neither the town nor New York State Police would ever issue traffic violations via email.

“If you have received an email advising that you have been charged with a traffic violation in the Town of Chatham that directs you to open an attachment to view the violation, DO NOT OPEN IT,” the statement reads. “You do not need to contact the Chatham Town Court. Thank you.”