Ohio town to vote on ‘through-truck’ ban

| 10/27/2011

Local ballots in many Ohio counties include questions about various transportation issues. In northeastern Ohio questions address truck ordinances and road levies.

Voters in the Village of Mantua can cast ballots on Election Day on whether to approve an ordinance that would prohibit through truck traffic from traveling on residential streets in the village of 1,141 people located northeast of Akron.

Through truck traffic is defined as any truck using residential streets without stopping to conduct business.

Mayor Donna Hawkins said the ban would essentially cover trucks shortcutting at the expense of the residential neighborhoods. State Route 44, which runs through the community, would be unaffected.

A city spokesperson clarified that the rule would apply to any vehicle over 5 tons.

“This is a trucking community,” village clerk treasurer Jenny August told Land Line. “It would not prohibit trucks from conducting business on a residential street.”

August also assured people that truckers living in Mantua would be exempt from the rule.

Owner-operator and OOIDA Senior Member John Watson of Mantua, OH, said the community located about three miles from the Ohio Turnpike is accustomed to aggregate dump trucks on city streets.

He said it is very likely that some residents fed up with the amount of trucks coming through town are responsible for getting the issue on the ballot.

“We have a ton of different gravel yards in the neighborhood,” Watson said. “It must be some residents complaining there is too much truck traffic.”

In neighboring Geauga County, five townships include road and bridge levies on the Nov. 8 ballot. The townships of Auburn, Bainbridge, Burton, Claridon and Thompson have five-year renewals of levies ranging from 0.5 mills to 2.4 mills.

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