Colorado local ballots cover roads, bus service

| 10/26/2011

On Nov. 8 communities of all sizes around the country will cast ballots on various issues. Three Colorado communities will decide on transportation-related issues.

Voters in Logan County will decide whether to maintain the current sales tax rate. Since 2007, a 0.1 percent portion of the sales tax has been used to help support the South Platte Valley Regional Transportation Authority.

The tax subsidizes Prairie Express, which is a fixed-route bus service based in the city of Sterling.

The tax is set to sunset at the end of this year. Referendum 5G would extend the tax without an ending date.

Two more Colorado communities will cast ballots on sales tax uses for road repairs. In neighboring Weld County, voters in Fort Lupton will decide whether to extend the 0.5 percent street sales tax rate.

If Issue 2A is approved by voters in the community north of Denver, the tax would remain in place through 2021. If defeated, the tax will go off the books at the end of this year.

To the southeast, voters in the town of Calhan will decide whether to increase the current transit sales tax by 1 percent for the next two years.

The El Paso County community would use the additional revenue to pay for road and bridge repairs and operation costs. The question is Issue 2A on the local ballot.

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