CARB amends reefer rule; early compliance rewarded

| 10/25/2011

Reefer owners who complied ahead of schedule with California’s Transportation Refrigeration Unit Regulation have an opportunity to delay additional upgrades to their reefers.

The rule, also known as the reefer rule, requires upgrades or replacements of reefer engines to meet “low-emission” TRU standards by Dec. 31 of the seventh year following the model year of that reefer unit. A second tier of upgrades is required later to meet “ultra-low” reefer emissions standards.

CARB approved the amendments during its monthly board meeting last week. Under the amendment, owners of model year 2001, 2002 and 2003 and older reefer engines that met the low-emission reefer standards by Dec. 31, 2008 wouldn’t have to meet the ultra-low reefer standards until Dec. 31, 2016.

Previously, those reefer owners would have been required to comply with the ultra-low emissions standard by 2015.

For more information, visit CARB’s TRU website.

Since March 31 of this year, all model year 2003 reefer engines have been required to meet the TRU regulation.

CARB fines in-state companies for failing to be registered with its TRU registration system up to $500 for each occurrence, and the agency fines “in-use performance violations” up to $1,000.

CARB has said its inspection teams are authorized to write tickets at distribution centers, scales, border crossings, truck stops, ports, intermodal facilities “and other locations where TRUs operate.”