Voter registration still available in 17 states

| 10/21/2011

With the clock winding down on the time until Election Day, there still is an opportunity to register to vote in certain states.

Although most states have seen their deadlines to register come and go, potential voters in some states still have time to ensure their opportunity to cast a ballot on Nov. 8.

Eight states have registration deadlines that haven’t expired. Residents in California, South Dakota and Utah have until the end of the day Monday, Oct. 24, to register. Nebraska residents must register by Friday, Oct. 28, while Alabama residents have until Saturday, Oct. 29.

West Virginia residents can register through Oct. 31. Connecticut residents must register by Nov. 1 and Vermont residents have until Nov. 2.

Another nine states offer same-day registration – Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Wyoming – which means you can register and vote at the same time, but only if you have a photo ID with your address on it.

Any time you move – even across the street – you must reregister. The exception is North Dakota, where no registration is required. It is worth noting that P.O. boxes are not acceptable to establish residency.

If you registered in the past, but haven’t voted for a while, contact your local election office before the deadline to make sure your registration is still active.

To register, visit and click on “How to register.”