IdleAir employee saves trucker’s life

| 10/14/2011

Amanda McGrew admits that she was in the right place at the right time while working her shift at the IdleAir site in Jackson, GA, on Wednesday, Oct. 12.

She told Land Line on Thursday, Oct. 12, that she was outside cleaning and was walking back toward the office when a truck driver parked near the office honked his horn. She said she walked over to the driver’s truck. He told her he was having bad abdominal pains and had already called an ambulance.

“He asked me to flag the ambulance down for him when they arrived,” McGrew said. “As he was talking to me, he just sort of slumped over.”

She said that a couple of drivers in the lot who were on their way into the restaurant stopped and helped McGrew get the driver into his bunk. She said that’s when she noticed the driver had stopped breathing. 

“I am CPR and First Aid certified and I keep a kit in the back of my car, so I ran and got that,” McGrew said. “He didn’t quit breathing for long. I just gave him about 10 to 15 breaths and then he started breathing on his own again.”

She said the ambulance and paramedics arrived within a few minutes and took the driver to a nearby hospital.

She then called IdleAir’s customer support number so that a representative could contact the driver’s company to let them know about the driver and his load. 

Since Wednesday, McGrew, who has worked at IdleAir for more than three years, said she has called a few times to check on his condition. As of press time, she said the driver was in stable condition.

She said her 10-plus years working in the health care field came in handy that day.

“If I can help somebody, I will help them,” she said. “I was just his oxygen machine for 90 seconds.”