Albuquerque voters opposed to red-light cameras

| 10/12/2011

Voters in Albuquerque, NM, recently went to the polling booth and opted against continuing the city’s red-light camera program. Communities that are slated to vote on the issue next month include cities in Ohio, Texas, Washington and California.

A special election was held in early October, and 53 percent of Albuquerque voters cast ballots in favor of an advisory question to end the ticket program.

It is now up to city council members to address the issue. One city councilor wasted little time introducing an ordinance to end the city’s contract with Redflex, the company that operates the ticket cameras, within 60 days.

The ordinance could be voted on by the full council as early as this month.

Cameras are posted at more than one dozen intersections around the city. Photos are snapped of violators’ license plates with citations mailed to registered owners.

Critics of red-light cameras say advance warning signs would virtually solve the red-light running problem – in Albuquerque and elsewhere.

Voters in multiple communities in other states will decide next month on camera programs. Among the cities set to vote on the issue are Ashtabula, East Cleveland and South Euclid, OH; Bellingham and Longview, WA; Dayton, TX; and Westminster, CA.

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