South Carolina ports offer truck replacement program

| 9/29/2011

The Port Authority of South Carolina has launched a truck replacement grant program to help truck owners replace older trucks.

Truck owners eligible for the program receive $5,000 toward the purchase of a 2004 or newer engine model year truck, in addition to the value of scrap for their pre-1994 model year engine truck.

To be eligible, truck owners must have entered “Port of Charleston facilities at least 52 times during the previous 12-month period,” the port authority told Land Line Magazine in an email Wednesday.

Trucks eligible for the replacement grant must have been manufactured before 1994, or be a 1994 model with a pre-1994 engine.

The grant program, called Seaport Truck Air Cleanup Southeast, or STACS, is a voluntary program administered by Washington-based Cascade Sierra Solutions.

To sign up, truck owners can visit the Cascade Sierra Solutions website, or sign up in person at the Ports Authority’s Columbus Street Terminal in Building 115. The office is located adjacent to the main terminal gate. Applicants also can call Cascade Sierra Solutions at 843-628-7008.

Funds for the grant project stem from a state Clean Diesel Grant. The grant was awarded by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, and the money originated from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The Port Authority of South Carolina wants truck owners to replace 85 percent of pre-1994 trucks used frequently at the ports by 2013. The port authority said it would consider other “means of replacing the oldest trucks” if too few pre-1994 trucks are replaced voluntarily.