Michigan soon to apply driver’s license fee to roads?

| 9/20/2011

Help could soon be on the way for getting more work done on Michigan roads.

The Michigan Senate voted 35-3 to advance a bill to the governor that is intended to provide a boost for getting road work done. House lawmakers previously approved it.

Fortunately for tax- and fee-hammered truck drivers, state lawmakers are not pursuing increases to apply more money to pavement work. Lawmakers are interested in diverting transportation-related funds.

The bill – HB4748 – would halt a $12 million deposit in road tax money to the state Transportation Economic Development Fund for two years. The fund pays for highway, road and street improvements related to a particular new plant or development.

Instead, the revenue generated from driver’s license fees would be used for road construction and maintenance.

HB4748 is part of a two-bill package. The second bill – HB4747 – would authorize the actual redirection from the development fund to the state’s trunkline fund.

A legislative analysis of the bill package shows the proposed redirection would not affect total state revenue. The revenue would simply be shifted from one fund to another fund.

In addition, the redirection would allow the Michigan Department of Transportation to match all available federal aid highway funds.

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