Trucker ‘spy’ will go to trial in March on attempted murder charge

| 9/20/2011

A man who made his living videotaping truck drivers and offering to share dirt on drivers with employers will be tried for attempted murder in March.

Joseph Volpe, 45, peddled his spying services to trucking companies in the name of being “the anti-aggressive trucker,” according to its now defunct website.

While performing his spy job in June 2010, Volpe was following a truck on Interstate 24 near Chattanooga when the truck driver apparently noticed Volpe and reportedly tried to run Volpe off the road.

Then, investigators allege, Volpe grabbed a pistol and fired at the truck. The truck driver wasn’t hurt.

Police arrested Volpe and charged him with reckless endangerment and aggravated assault. In December 2010, a grand jury added a first-degree attempted murder charge

According to a Hamilton County, TN, criminal court clerk, Volpe appeared in court Monday Sept. 19. Judge Barry Steelman proceeded to set a Nov. 1 pretrial conference appearance and rescheduled Volpe’s trial for March 13, 2012.