Florida DOT to increase tolls in 2012

| 9/20/2011

Florida tollways will be snapping up a few more dollars from you next year when the state DOT implements an across-the-board toll increase on its facilities.

A five-axle truck that pays $8 to $10 to run the 77-mile Alligator Alley in South Florida, for example, will feed the beast another $2 to $3 starting June 30, 2012.

All 460 miles of Florida Department of Transportation toll roads including Florida’s Turnpike System will be affected by the increase based on a 2007 law that requires rates to be indexed to inflation every few years.

Cars will typically see a 25-cent increase at mainline plazas.

FDOT held an online-only workshop on Sept. 13 to explain the increases. Additional information including a table and an archive of FDOT’s workshop are available here.

Florida still offers a cash option, but is trying to get more drivers to use SunPass. Once the cash option is eventually phased out, FDOT will collect tolls through SunPass or the alternative – a toll-by-plate method that takes a photo and sends an invoice to a vehicle’s owner.