San Francisco ticket cameras near extension

| 9/15/2011

An effort to address the use of ticket cameras in the San Francisco area is on its way to the governor’s desk.

California law already allows the city and county of San Francisco to issue citations based on photos snapped of parking violations in transit-only lanes. City-owned public transit vehicles can be outfitted with cameras to record parking violations occurring in the nearly 15 miles of affected lanes.

Violators face $100 fines.

The San Francisco program is slated to sunset at the end of this year. In response, the state’s Assembly and Senate have approved a bill to extend use of the cameras through 2015. AB1041 now heads to Gov. Jerry Brown.

In the bill analysis, Assemblywoman Fiona Ma, D-San Francisco, stated that “parking in these lanes can significantly increase the time it takes to make even a short bus journey and inconvenience other road users.”

Enforcement cameras are not uncommon in San Francisco. Since 1996, red-light cameras have been used around the city. Nearly 30 cameras are rotated around the city to keep an eye out for traffic scofflaws.

Fines for getting caught running a red light are nearly $400.

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