California lawmakers OK truck rule, CARB requirement

| 9/6/2011

A couple of bills to advance through the California Legislature are intended to improve safety around certain large vehicles and to impose a rule on the state’s Air Resources Board.

One bill to advance through the statehouse would require a construction vehicle in excess of 14,000 pounds that operates at, or transports construction or industrial materials to and from, a mine or construction site to be equipped with an automatic backup audible alarm.

Dump trucks already are required to be equipped with backup alarms on construction and mine sites.

Included in the new requirement are tractor-trailer combos used to pull bottom dump, end dump or side dump trailers.

The bill – SB341 – is on its way to Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk.

Another bill on its way to the governor would place a requirement on the California Air Resources Board. AB135 would mandate that at least one of CARB’s 11 board members be a small-business owner.

Board members are appointed by the governor to coordinate activities of air districts for the purpose of the federal Clean Air Act, and reduce emissions in the state.

Among the requirements to qualify as a small business is to be an independently owned and operated business that is not dominant in its field of operation, and employing 100 or fewer people.

A separate bill that addresses CARB appears to be dead for the year. AB1099 sought to prohibit pre-1997 trucks from the state’s ports.

Opponents said the bill eliminated a CARB compliance option.

The Senate Appropriations Committee effectively killed the bill citing “potentially significant costs” for the state to identify vehicles that have been granted a CARB extension.

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