Truckers Against Trafficking will have booth at GATS

| 8/19/2011

Since the Truckers Against Trafficking organization was formed in 2009, more than 125 truck drivers in 30 states have called the national hotline number to report instances of possible human trafficking.

And Kylla Leeburg, one of TAT’s founders, wants to invite truckers to stop by booth No. 22158 at the Great American Trucking Show to be educated on how they can “make a call, save lives.”

Leeburg said the statistics are tracked by the Polaris Project, which runs the National Human Trafficking Resource Center. She told Land Line recently that while it’s the first instinct of many drivers to call 911 to report possible human trafficking or prostitution, it’s also important that they call the national hotline number at 888-373-7888 to report what they witness.

“We work with other groups like Polaris, who will be pushing for legislation and funding, so the more calls that come in from truckers – there will be a push on that end when that need continues to grow,” she said. “Even if the results aren’t immediate, the information is being used and it will eventually save lives. We have seen this happen.”

TAT’s goal is that their training video, released in March and available on the TAT website, will be used in every truck stop and driver training school in the country. Leeburg said they already have received tons of support from the trucking industry.

“Going into this, we were all outsiders to the trucking industry and there was a definite learning curve for us,” Leeburg said. “What we have found is that truckers are taking an active role in fighting human trafficking.”