Illinois proposes toll increases, public input sought

| 8/18/2011

The Illinois Tollway has already established a schedule to increase commercial truck tolls 60 percent between 2015 and 2017. Tollway officials now plan to implement an increase for passenger vehicles to help carry out a $12 billion improvement plan.

The public has an opportunity to make comments on the toll proposal during a series of hearings Aug. 18 through Aug. 23 in the 12 counties served by the Tollway system.

Proposed improvements include widening Interstate 90 from I-294 to Rockford; reconstructing 20 miles of I-294 and I-94; preserving I-88 and I-335 and constructing a new interchange at I-294 and I-57. A complete list is available here.

The Illinois Tollway launched a congestion-relief plan in 2005, increasing tolls for trucks along the way. Another toll increase for trucks approved in 2008 kept the effort going. By 2017, truck tolls will have gone up 60 percent from the 2008 rate.

Under the latest plan by the agency, tolls for passenger vehicles would increase 35 cents at mainline plazas in January 2012. It’s the first proposed increase for I-PASS users in 28 years according to the agency. I-PASS users make up 75 percent of the Tollway’s traffic. Cash-paying customers will pay double the I-PASS rate under the proposed schedule.

The Illinois Tollway operates 286 miles of toll roads. Much of the system is 52 years old. The agency is seeking public input about its $12 billion capital improvement plan and toll increase.

Click here for a complete list of hearing dates.

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