Rebates available to help truckers ‘electrify’

| 8/17/2011

Truckers needing a cost-effective way to purchase anti-idling equipment for their rigs may want to check into a new rebate program being offered through the U.S. Department of Energy.

The manager of the DOE grant program is Cascade Sierra Solutions of Eugene, OR, which announced the $10 million Shorepower Technologies Electrification Project – or STEP. The goal is to provide “idle reduction equipment rebates for devices on medium and heavy-duty diesel trucks that incorporate electric standby operation or run on battery power to eliminate engine idling during mandated rest periods,” according to Cascade’s press release on Aug. 15.

The STEP plan is to “locate and install 50 truck stop facilities over the next 18 months” in busy freight corridors.

Individual rebates can be as much as 20 percent of the “installed equipment price.”

Owner-operators operating in the lower 48 states will be eligible to apply for the program. Small fleet owners may also apply, with a maximum of 25 rebates per fleet.

“Equipment purchases must be pre-authorized by Cascade Sierra Solutions with a rebate certificate prior to installation,” Cascade’s release stated. Those selected must agree to use STEP project “electrified truck parking where available until June 2014.”

According to the release, the types of equipment eligible for the rebates, and the maximum payments, include auxiliary power units or generator sets with electric stand-by options, $2,000 max; battery HVAC systems, $1,600; battery evaporative cooler systems, $700; thermal storage systems, $260, truck cold plate systems, $3,200; trailer transport refrigeration units with electric stand-by options, $5,000; and e-Hybrid transport refrigeration units with electric stand-by options, $5,000.

The equipment must be SmartWay-approved technology. Click here for the list.