Great Lakes Convoy set to roll on Sept. 24 in Ohio

| 8/9/2011

After attending the Convoy for a Cure in Texas a year ago, two OOIDA life members and a cancer survivor –who all work for Bolt Express in Toledo, OH – decided to host a convoy in their own neck of the woods in 2011.


Photo courtesy of Jeanie Silk

Cancer survivor Michelle Dunn, sales and marketing manager for Bolt Express, and OOIDA Life Members Jeanie Silk and Suzette Curtis, who are leased to Bolt, attended the second Convoy for a Cure in October 2010 in Terrell, TX.

The Great Lakes Convoy is set to roll at 10:30 a.m. on Sept. 24 from the Petro Stopping Center in Perrysburg, OH, located on Exit 71 off the Ohio Turnpike.

OOIDA Life Member Jeanie Silk of Toledo, OH, who is leased to Bolt, told Land Line that the convoy will raise funds for the prevention and treatment of all women’s cancers, including cervical, uterine, breast and ovarian cancers.

She was inspired to organize her own convoy after the response she received from her company and coworkers in the main office when she participated in the Convoy for a Cure in Texas a year ago.

“Everyone was so supportive, and my company matched whatever the employees raised,” Silk said. “I told them my goal was to be at that convoy in Texas and I told them that I would match, plus a T-shirt, to whomever in the office if they could make sure I was there for it. I didn’t move for two weeks because nobody wanted to move me out of Texas.”

She said her company, Bolt, is the main sponsor for the Great Lakes Convoy and is picking up the expenses for the event. She said everyone in the office is helping out and handling many of the logistics while she’s on the road.

“We are trying to raise money and awareness for the prevention and cure of all women’s cancers, not just breast cancer.”