Delaware laws to benefit enforcement efforts

| 8/4/2011

A new law in Delaware relies on certain traffic violations to provide a boost for law enforcement agencies throughout the state to fight violent crime. Another new law targets dangerous drivers.

Gov. Jack Markell signed a bill into law Tuesday, Aug. 2, to provide additional resources for State Police and local law enforcement from an additional $15 penalty that will be charged to people convicted of crimes or offenses – such as speeding.

The governor said HB143 puts responsibility on lawbreakers to help fund efforts to reduce violent crime in the state.

“Because the cost of crime is high, the price for those who commit crimes is now higher,” Markell said at the bill signing.

The state’s Department of Safety and Homeland Security will split up to $4.25 million in revenue with local law enforcement to address violent crime. Any additional funds would be directed to the state’s general fund.

Secretary Lew Schiliro for the Department of Safety and Homeland Security said the additional revenue will allow the state to add troopers, develop programs to reduce violent crime and share more information and intelligence.

“If you commit a violent crime in Delaware, we will come after you,” Schiliro stated.

Also signed into law this week is a bill to help improve safety on roadways by cracking down on drunken drivers who do not learn their lesson after the first conviction.

HB168 enhances prison sentences for multiple offenders of the state’s DUI law. It also provides for mandatory treatment for repeat offenders.

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