Crimes against truckers highlight need for ‘Jason’s Law’

By Clarissa Kell-Holland, Land Line staff writer | 7/25/2011

According to the police report, truck driver Larry Evans, 44, was shot in the upper right thigh around 4 a.m. on Wednesday, July 20, after he responded to a knock on the door of his truck cab.

After the suspect demanded money, and Evans’ responded that he didn’t have any money, the suspect apparently began shooting at him through the door of his red Volvo.

“At the scene, four shell casings and one live round were located,” according to the police report.
Evans was shot once and transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center. No information is known about his condition at this time.

The suspect, still at large, fled the scene on a mountain bike, according to the police report.

OOIDA Director of Regulatory Affairs Joe Rajkovacz told Land Line recently that safe and secure truck parking is a serious issue in many metropolitan areas of this country. He said he knows the “Trail” where Evans’ was shot well.

“That area has a long history with truckers, who have to be observant of their surroundings when passing through there,” he said.

OOIDA is urging its members and their families to support two Jason’s Law bills in Congress. The bills are named for Jason Rivenburg, who was fatally shot while parked in his truck cab in South Carolina in March 2009. Two Jason’s Law bills in the U.S. House – HR1803 – and Senate – S1187 –address the shortages of long-term parking for commercial vehicles along the nation’s highways.

“We spend ‘gazillions’ of highway dollars making sure grass is mowed along highways, flowers are planted as part of beautification efforts, or bike paths are built in cities for the few dozen politically vocal riders who use them,” Rajkovacz said recently. “These bills are modest when compared to those expenditures. Considering the significant safety issues involved and that truckers pay about 35 percent of all the money into the Highway Trust Fund, it’s time to use some of that money for their benefit.”

Land Line Senior Editor Jami Jones contributed to this report.