Cummins fined $500,000 for not retesting in-use engines

| 7/8/2011

Engine-maker Cummins Inc. has paid $500,000 for failing to properly retest its diesel engines from model years 1998 through 2006 after the engines were in use.

The penalties are split between the California Air Pollution Control Fund, which received $125,000, and the U.S. EPA, which received $375,000.

According to CARB, Cummins failed to test at least four engines in specific engine families, tested 10 vehicles at less than agreed upon maximum weight, and failed to submit test results within 30 days of test completion.

“ARB determined that while Cummins satisfied the intent of the engine testing provisions, the company failed to ensure that all settlement provisions were met,” CARB said in a news release. “ARB, working with U.S. EPA, discovered this most recent offense during an investigation regarding Cummins’ delivery of approximately 570,000 diesel engines without exhaust after-treatment devices between 1998 and 2006, a violation of the Clean Air Act.”

Cummins reached an agreement with CARB in 1998. More information about the agreement is available here.