Safety trend continues for trucks and operators, Roadcheck shows

| 7/8/2011

The recent roadside inspection blitz known as Roadcheck shows that commercial trucks and operators continue to hold on to safety gains made in the past few years.

Inspectors in the U.S. and Canada conducted 66,853 inspections from June 8 to 10 at 2,500 locations as part of the Roadcheck blitz. The annual event is a partnership of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, law enforcement and federal agencies in North America. Mexico reportedly conducted nearly 3,900 inspections but had no other data available as of press time.

During the event, U.S. inspectors placed just 4.4 percent of U.S. truck drivers out of service. The 95.6 percent pass rate matches the percentages from Roadcheck events in 2010 and 2009.

Inspectors put 19.4 percent of commercial trucks OOS compared to 20 percent during the past two Roadcheck events.

Inspectors continue to cite brakes and driver logbook violations as the top reasons for OOS orders in the respective categories.

On the hazmat side, U.S. inspectors placed 2.3 percent of drivers and 17.9 percent of vehicles out of service. Last year, 2.7 percent of hazmat drivers and 16.3 of vehicles were put OOS.

Notably, the U.S. Roadcheck event saw 10 percent fewer inspections this year than last year, with 59,019 compared to 65,327 in 2010.

In Canada, the number of inspections increased this year to 7,834 compared with 7,065 inspections in 2010.

Canadian inspections netted OOS rates of 2.9 percent for truck drivers and 18.6 percent for trucks. While the number of drivers placed OOS was slightly higher this year compared to 2.7 percent in 2010, the number of trucks put out of service was down from a 20.3 percent OOS rate in the 2010 Roadcheck.

CVSA, law enforcement and federal agencies also inspected the second highest number of commercial buses, 1,217, in the 20-year history of Roadcheck. Of this number, 8.7 percent of drivers and 18.7 percent of vehicles were put out of service.