Experts: July 4 holiday brings second highest weekend for cargo theft

| 7/1/2011

The upcoming Fourth of July weekend brings the second highest weekend for cargo theft annually, a major international cargo security firm says.

According to FreightWatch, an international cargo security firm, the Fourth of July weekend is second only to Thanksgiving for cargo thieves stealing from trailers and warehouses. Holiday weekends usually mean loads are vulnerable for longer periods of time, particularly when trailers are parked at terminals and drop yards for two or three days when businesses are often closed.

“For in-transit operations, FreightWatch recommends drivers remain vigilant and maintain communication with their dispatch when stopped at high risk areas such as truck stops and rest areas,” FreightWatch said in a news release. “Loads should not be dropped or left unattended for any reason.”

For more on cargo theft, read Land Line Magazine’s 2008 feature article titled “Grand Theft Cargo.”