St. Christopher fund president takes message to Capitol Hill

| 6/28/2011

Doug McElhaney, president of the St. Christopher Trucker Development and Relief Fund, recently teamed up with OOIDA Director of Government Affairs Rod Nofziger to take a critical message to the office of a prominent congressman in Washington DC.


OOIDA Director of Government Affairs Rod Nofziger, U.S. Representative John J. Duncan, and SCF President Doug McElhaney

McElhaney said he wanted to make sure that lawmakers who shape trucking policy know about the efforts of the St. Christopher fund.

“The message I wanted to take to Congressman John Duncan is that Washington needs to work with professional truck drivers, not against,” said McElhaney. “It’s a fact that 70 percent of all freight in this nation is moved via motor carrier and the American truck driver. We need a healthier industry. It’s important that our government recognize the challenges that drivers have regarding health and diet.”

Nofziger said it’s a message with which the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association concurs.

McElhaney is hopeful that the federal government can collaborate with the SCF to gain a better perspective on the driver’s health. McElhaney gave Rep. Duncan his commitment to the FMCSA and his group for research and any data he needs to create a healthier trucking industry. 

Duncan currently serves on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, where he serves as Chairman of the Highways and Transit Subcommittee, and the House Committee on Natural Resources.

Duncan’s efforts to cut government waste, reduce taxes, and limit bureaucratic red tape have long been recognized, making him a receptive audience.

Duncan has been named among the five most fiscally conservative members of Congress by the National Taxpayers Union and is one of the few Members of Congress to receive the Citizens Against Government Waste Super Hero Award.

In addition to his Washington office, Congressman Duncan maintains offices in Knoxville, TN, where he resides. Knoxville is also the home of the St. Christopher fund.