CARB allows trucks with California Clean Idle engines to idle

By Charlie Morasch, Land Line staff writer | 6/27/2011

The idling rule exemption has held true for years, even though some untrue rumors of the road have resurfaced.

Since 2008, California has banned idling for diesel trucks for more than five minutes, and prohibited idling while truck drivers are in the sleeper berth. That same year, CARB tripled the idling fine from $100 to $300, and banned diesel-powered APUs for trucks with 2007 or newer model year engines unless the APU is retrofitted with a CARB-approved DPF filter.

However, CARB did institute an exemption for the idling rule for trucks that emit no more than 30 grams of NOx per idling hour.

OOIDA has fielded several waves of phone calls from truck owners who have said they’ve heard rumors that CARB no longer allows idling by trucks with California Clean Idle engines and CARB-issued decals.

CARB Spokeswoman Karen Caesar confirmed Friday that the idling exemption remains in effect for trucks that emit 30 or less grams of NOx per idling hour, provided that the trucks have obtained the CARB-required decal indicating the clean idle engine.

No truck is allowed to “idle more than five minutes when within 100 feet of a residence,” Caesar said.