St. Christopher Fund reports on its assistance program

| 6/22/2011

Since the St. Christopher Trucker Development and Relief Fund was founded in 2007, it has helped 381 trucking applicants. The SCF is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization that provides assistance to professional truck drivers whose medical problems have led to financial hardship.

As of June 20, more than $134,000 has been spent to assist truckers and their families with medical expenses, health insurance, prescriptions plus more with rent, utilities, auto, phone, car insurance and living expenses. The SCF reported this week that 381 applicants have been helped and only 15 have been denied.

Of the applicants, the majority (213) were truckers who were diagnosed with cardiology problems. Nearly 100 were cancer patients and 90 were diabetic. The SCF reported 84 had applied due to accident/injury and 86 had pulmonary problems. Other diagnoses included neurology, vision, ortho/pain, mental health and surgery. In 55 of the cases, obesity was listed as a diagnosis.

Medical assistance paid out amounted to about $28,000 including prescriptions and health insurance premiums. Actually, the largest category of assistance was paying rent and, as of June 20, the amount paid out was more than $43,000. Second in line was helping with utilities, paying out more than $24,000.

SCF Medical Director John McElligott, MD, said “clearly, the most money has been spent on the families of truckers compromised by medical problems – keeping those families afloat.”

Other categories of assistance included help with living expenses, auto, phone and auto insurance.

Executive Director Donna Kennedy said as of June 20, 41 applications are pending.