Truckers forced to route around flooding in Midwest

| 6/22/2011

Truckers traveling through Minot, ND, have been forced to find a new route on Wednesday, June 22, after hearing the news that levees protecting the city had been breached. 

On Wednesday, North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple issued a mandatory evacuation order for homes along the Souris River in Ward County in what is expected to be the worst flooding in 40 years.

The North Dakota Department of Transportation is providing this map for truckers looking for alternative routes around the flooding.

This is just the latest in flooding concerns that have plagued most of the Midwest in recent weeks, as states battle flooding along the Missouri River. Department of Transportation officials in the affected states warn these road closures and detours may be in place for several months and to plan their trips accordingly.

The Nebraska Department of Roads is updating information about road closures and detours because of flooding, as well as the Department of Transportation offices in Iowa, Missouri and Kansas.